by Korey Costa

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a polyglot is multilingual, demonstrating the ability to speak multiple languages

death is a universal language and we all have something to talk about

this is the first single from my next album 'boy privilege'. we're going to spend the rest of this summer together and watch where autumn takes us. i look forward to our experiences

- kor


i must admit i'm the epitome of musty pit
the fusty shitshow clusterfuck to uppercut your lip
the pussing zit, unremitting enough
the knucklefisted knucklehead
in other words i'm just way too disgusting bitch
the younger version of myself was more dumb and uncertain
a stubborn merchant always coming to pummel the persians
but little did i know, that as i bowed out in my show
i actually was fighting myself, what a lovely excursion
gift and the curse was reoccuring on occurrences
maturing's not reassuring i'll never feel secure in this
life insurance is a certificate worded
to disguise the fact that everybody dies and life is murderous
organic hip hop, we fertile as a virgin is
as something is emerging from the theories of copernicus
i'm in the center of a demented world
a polyglot
debating with the masses the average rate that a body drops

and as i am alive i know i have no place to hide
i could clench my fists and duck my head
there are only one million ways to die
so fill me up with something new
and prove it's not a waste of time
clench my fists and duck my head
there are only one million ways to die

breathing is my phobia
seep it and believe in my utopia
reason with my wording as i read it from my podium
sleeping on the job i'm angelina on the sodium
my being is a lonely one, been at it since the om begun

“Om and salutations to she who manifests every kind of abundance.”

since life's origins explain the light kor is in
my glass is half empty, got some poison might pour it in
voyage night explore within the boy's internal organism
abnormalist, metamorphosis in a dormant prison
they tryna lock me up and shoot me like a hockey puck
i'll stab you and your crew and that'll really be a posse cut
possibly a zombie but could also be an engineer
toying with your sense of fear
noises up against your ear
when i put my pencil here, sentimental penalty
let my stomach settle, reconcile with my enemies
smile full of bile rather vile with my tendencies
tendons off the limb don't talk to him
just let him breath


released July 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Korey Costa New Jersey


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