No Eyes

by Korey Costa

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yes i'm ok
thanks for asking
better each day
forget the sedatives
nor any medicine
poured in a method to
forgo the venom in
your little head if you
allow them demons
get lured into death
not a normative breath
could be born but instead

morbid attempts
will get boring eventually
forming a weapon
for war and your offense

will often
seem awfully hostile
feed off of the obstacles
brawl with the bottle
ain't solving your problems
get off the nozzle
foster the child
who's nauseous and wild
and offer him trials
to cross through the aisles

tedious work
but it's all for a smile

reading this verse
i could talk for a mile

see me i'm hurt
i'm a carcass in style

bargain with starving artists
we are carving are script
and the markings
our lips are the martyrdom for all of this

and then i notice the luxury
what is he's one of them
sons of a money tree?
wondrous bumble bees
what if he's bloody?
see would his recovery
cover the time
that he spent at home subtly
crumbling, humming the tune
of some other thing?

in love with the tombs
and their coloring

i wasn't assuming
i had it that so bad
but i wanted to jump into nothingness

just for a buffering lapse of a moment
to see if the suffering has an opponent
other than love I can't fathom a motive
to gas up the motor, and master your owners
but what if time had a controller?
reliving a day was a pastime of older
relaxing retired men, grabbing the shoulders
of lovers they held in the grass and it's over

understand past is imagined in filters
i'd kill for the last time to hold her

and i remember the time
when i lost my mind
i had no one to empathize with
and still i had it fine
and then i knew that i could be
one of the greatests that you'd ever see
so look at me next time you think about
the things that we could've had

i remember the times

i remember the times
when i used to cry
and then i saw a man one day
and i think i lost my mind
'cause he was blind
but i was deaf
to the problem that i realized there was nothing left
so my last breath i dedicate it to you


released May 21, 2015
contains sample of "I'm Doing Fine" by Albert King



all rights reserved


Korey Costa New Jersey


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