by Korey Costa

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personally i would prefer
perserverance, steerin
clear of detours
fear of the leering creatures
never got myhead in the clouds, i'm dangling feet first
running through memory bank, just tryna eat dirt
to help me try to see earth
a healthy guy is vegan but a healthy mind needs precursors
to help me find a fever reducer
inside a key turn of a doors
behind which we learn
happiness is self-discovered
brother finders keepers
resealable packages never last
gotta feel a callus develop before you're used to the crash
it's foreign till you adapt, restoring mutual gaps
bridges burn to form a beautiful path
maybe you'll have to swim in a more unusual task
but the destination's the same whether soaring or using maps
you see, exploring your forest is therapeutic as the grass
but I digress here's a chorus to soothe the track

i said you're gonna find your way
but you ain't gotta move so fast


released May 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Korey Costa New Jersey


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