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released June 16, 2016

Recorded at Legal Alien Studios
Mixed by Nom-Mineral
Mastered by Nemes1s



all rights reserved


Korey Costa New Jersey


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Track Name: Bitches To Go
[Verse 1: Nom-Mineral]
Ayn Rand, shrug ya Atlas, like Rain Man
Taught you the brains man now you off wit ya lame plan
Offer to change plans but it cost you the same gram
Lost in the fray? Damn we caught u wit stain hands

Often you made glances, props cuz u take chances
Fair-weather stances opportunist I’m rain dancin’
Populous made cancer, never a framed answer
Off ya baby boy & his beats while I change pampers

Transient smarter ambient anti artist,
Who moves farther with the life you work hard to disregard when
Ya lost momentum n lethargic nature
Fails to stay calm in the dawn of my Nomenclature

Word to Mrs Sevrin ya work ethics the worst brethren, under ya breath
Blamin’ unknowns n curse heavens before ya own penance
My soul’s the revenant, keep my decadence separate
Double or triplet life my raps never lack in evidence

Who’s mans is this? Who made plans for him
To be somebody nope left society damned us with this average shit
You coulda studied farming with a focus on pig charming
And ya harmony still couldn’t go more ham than this

Hittin’ ya grand slam big dances like Pete Sampras
Dust is angelic I cruise darkness with leak lanterns
On ya campuses I contrast like a Manson’s kiss
Or was it a Mason but I aint Free to feed famines bitch

Give ya all to this music? I’m bruising homeys on coffee breaks
You don’t know me get off me fake, sorry now where’s my coffee cake They all softies when they coughin’ n too saucy to
Stand to my often too bossy flow proves too damn costly

[Hook: Korey Costa]
Let's take these bitches to go
I can't be in here all night
Fuck I'm gon do with this dough?
She told me she got the tight
Let's see if she is a pro
I said bae let's hit the road

[Verse 2: Korey Costa]
If she got a gorgeous body, my face is a porta-potty
Bumpin' Portishead with inclinations for porn-ish hobbies
Fuck it, don't buy this album, torrent a copy
I'll still be stackin' paper, my wallet like origami
Good morning mami
I'll have some pancakes with the Aunt Jemime's
While ya tantalized by parody accounts that rant online
Too many pander for camera time; Me?
My hood is ample, but your falsehoods are amplified
Rehashing with your kinfolk, asking how you been, bro
Say you doin' fine, but you actually don't think so
I dish it out, splashing in the sink soap
Clashing with Nabisco, because I am the cracker with the crisp, yo
History is reoccurring, are we referring
To the seasons blurring, ya homies dyin, and trees emerging?
Seated persons applauding due to receding curtains
In layman's terms, we poppin' off like a bleeding virgin

I'm a work in progress beta
Surfing on the data
Excursions beyond the fathers who made us
I'm Ramadan with a plateful, Haggadah at the table
Use them shits as a napkin the whole persona's disgraceful
Go to the congregation, show their god that I'm faithful
But if they egg me on, I'll hold em hostage 'till April
Hold your Ramen and broth, we got a remedy basil
We mixed with a couple spices and complimentary facials


Take them to go
Track Name: Anybody
[Hook: Nom-Mineral]
Everybody’s somebody x 8

[Verse 1: Nom-Mineral]
Everybody’s somebody nobody want anybody
I’m a keep it dumb dummy down cuz ur runnin’ from me
Comin’ from me stumbling stepdad humbling, bumbling fuck
You stuck leavin’ us wondering

Tough to bust stealth cops stuttering
No one really muttering, only when they recovering
Holy man hovering, over ya plan covering
Sellin ya man n brother n spring, and then the summer

Ca-ching! Maan some of you is none of you
Bomb my homeland like my name was W
Trouble with you is that ya life aint lovin’ you
Huggin’ you druggin’ you buggin’ can even fuckin run witchu

Something above to push a button to
Fallin’ in love to teach a bug or two
I’m callin’ ya bluff, cuz you sorry n stuff
I’d wanna party but I’m already a part of ya buzz


[Verse 2: Korey Costa]
Been used to anxiety attacks
And having a real intervention with the cerebellum
I don't really care to tell them
Serotonin? Sayonara
Cemetery in the garden
Motherfucker Legendary, get a pardon
Or get a part of this partially charming little varmint
Put em inside the margins
Sgt. Slaughter
Never been the one to take an offer
Never had an off day
Eat the hostess
Drake, no Aubrey
On the desktop, Benoit with the Crossface
or a Senton, flip it always
Genoa in her crawlspace
Ugly mind, huggable guy
Cuz I got a doll face

Make you all prey like a predator
Make you all pray like a priest
Say you whatever’s do better
Soon every disciple is slain by the beast
In a minor key

A minor key element
Helluva gentleman to spend his energy or any of it
Extending where the chord’ll prolly wanna resolve
Ears beggin’ like "It’s gotta be all"
Glass shatters and the pottery falls
systematic demotion cause a lot of recalls
re-calls, I’m not talking bout the lottery calls
Potluck got fucked, that's economy y’all

Track Name: Take You Away
[Hook: Korey Costa + Nom-Mineral]

We've been thinkin' and we've been watchin'
Cuz the things you sayin' and the shit you droppin'
No, you gotta let it go

We've been patient now we're outta options
If it feels okay, then go and get obnoxious
Please, dot your I's and cross your T's

Your heart's worked hard today and it deserves a break
Tomorrow there'll be Hell to pay, anyway, like there is everyday

So let your Demons take you away

[Bridge: Nom-Mineral]

Dope I soak spitters / thinkin’ they got it figured out
Nope no filler / blink and ya gotta bigger route
Hope grows stiller / ya stink n ya rotten in and out
Cope I’m hoax killer / I wink and ya copin’ piggin’ out

[Verse 1: Nom-Mineral]

Hop on my obelisk Nom calms opposites / opera hour meets power hour, mom’s n pop’ll kiss / Clever made never a song about gettin’ paid / hella raised since 7th grade but now a better grade / Mineral’s rocked since Rox boxed wit Shante / targeted, dot on da dome, like you in Bombay / Nom say ya sweaty palms aint calm enough all day in the sun / one trick ponies run since paulé’s / Metaphored smug multi-universe juggler / got more flow with my cake than Miss Buttersworth / In other words, transform “brass” to my cheer squad n trumpeters / wit work simpler than porn on Tumblr / Lumbering, master of all, jack to none / rap for fun or rap until black suits and pastors come / Laugh past acts think they the faster ones / in life or with this rap you a disaster son / Ya gave up a better a life to be a rapper / or was it more child support for ya bastard / Guess ya did anything, but anything aint everything / many think ya petty for sellin’ heavy to burying / Bodies judge me conclude horseshit coordinates / self hate n guilt but tell myself “don’t force it” / Unfortunate those who do no work but clock out / Nom’s out one love, get out ya moms house


[Verse 2: Korey Costa]
Browsing Craigslist for a shock collar
Never left-click, press quick my little "dot com"-ers
Stock market product props scholars up like a popped collar
Eager bottom feeder for the top dollar
Got, got, got a disorder
I foxtrot with my former self
Hotboxed pot like a hoarder
Hopscotch over lava, feel this spot getting warmer
Other half about to rot in a corner, "Knock knock, let us in"
Interrupting dinner on the intercom
Bitter cognitive step stools to sit upon
Hit it Nom, give em a little bit of the cinema intimacy they live to doubt
And thinkin' they got it figured out
Been about the difference of distance in and out
Soaked in this indecision, livin' a lie but is it now?
Don't be fooled, home sweet asylum
Xenophobe of eyelids and what hides behind em
Na yo, anywho, hey you little parasite
Kerosene cocktail kids, give me a terabyte
Of space to breathe, I'll step into the air of night
High horse galloping, ironic how I'm scared of heights
Ceremony for the serotonin dosage
Reuptake, G's up, wait, my feet up
These presidential Adidas, pick it up where we leave us
New shit baby, fetus feces to feed ya

[Outro: Korey Costa & Nom-Mineral]
Let your Demons take you the fuck away.
Track Name: Different
[Hook: Nom-Mineral]
Different wavelength
Different demonstration of the same strength
Different demographic appeal, we says "thanks"
It's different from the average joe who did they raps on the avenue

[Verse 1: Nom-Mineral]
I write raps, n when others try I just sigh
I see ‘em tryin’ a lie, but the vibe just lets me down
Cuz I thought it would be dope but I vomit
No risin’ star you’re a doomed comet

Since I was embryonic, stars foretold bionic
Turning it off and on it’s honest with or sans Ebonics
Sonics, wettin’ you comics spittin’ like a lot a llamas
Like photo bombin’ with an ominous presence upon it

It’s an impossibility do my flow a solid
Slicin’ ya wrist on a semicolon tatoo’d in homage
To your apologist college shit on ya dream or promise
Abused your pompousness, not? Pride Marsellus Wallace
You lie in diet wallets, cuz dire minds are lawless
Droppin the ball n all this stallin’ keeps ya life the smallest
Raging Bull in a china shop for the interviews
I’m the rapids you ride my waves on inner tubes

[Hook 2: Korey Costa]
Different wavelength
A different demonstration of the same strength
A different demographic appeal, we says "thanks"
It's different from the average joe who did they raps on the avenue

[Verse 2: Korey Costa]
Hey, the population insist on lowering my IQ
Not an ounce of interest, I'd bottom out to like you
The hype'll bruise skin like the ego falsifies hope
Fuck what you preserved, I'mma eat it off the rye toast
One eye closed, other making valid judgment
But I empathize with your occupation as a puppet, I'll
Change my name to an apostrophe for the proper conveyance
That any prop in my way becomes my property

Line-crosser, I'mma need more margins
Garage hole loopholes and screen door pardons
Foxhole exhumes souls, sucked from the tar
You rough draft, puff-pass crutch stuffed in your armpit
With a torn pectoral, stretched moral code
In the form of orchestral chords and extorted bones
You a mudda fuckin' poser like some exported clones
yung forest, jump for it, you the next for the throne
Hol up

It's different from the average joe who did they raps on the avenue
Track Name: Aware
[Hook: Nom-Mineral]
Who reps constant pompous breathin’ common air
Can’t lose shot right out the cannon I’m aware
Lost that constant conscious feelin’ now I care
I can’t lose shot right out the cannon I’m aware

[Verse 1: Nom-Mineral]
1986 stringed instrument tricks, rocked with da cheapest kicks / hopped in the lynx kicked it to Slick Rick with a bitch at least as sick / All purpose disdain for social pain n shirtless da raw emotion / the freedom caused poison’s explosion holdin’ my balls n posin’ / Mother like Teresa God save her never would chase us / hippies in General Lee’s faceless when they made us out in the chases / Prayers couldn’t take us out, flagrantly vagrant on roads / hated those that made it they was amazed wit da pompous prose / Recommended auto-violence, auto-reliance / defiant compliance to giants flyin’ wit 21 palm pilots / Its not an aimless one if da journey is painless son / or get ya ghost busted twice by Ernie Hudson n Harold Ramis / My mindscape's a landscape in space jargon and still a bargain / but now a black hole approaches I’m tastin’ the Darwin / Harmin’ the harmony, the room you in, familiar carpentry / empty your cache, not runnin’ smoother? then use your depository / Homilies, keep ya sermons honest u mocked anomaly / your only common denominator’s pot with lots of apologies


[Verse 2: Korey Costa]
I wouldn't recommend myself on a resume
Senpai, don't let it end this way
Cuz yesterday, we swept away, the mess we made
The Hefty bag should've held the weight
I'm screaming, "Help me back"
I just wanna be healthy will a wellbeing right now might as well be glad
That I'm still breathing, 3 o'clock should be sleeping
Having these Elm Street naps
My momma notices my trauma, momma yells, "Relax"
I'm on a Geronimo journey, hope is 12 feel back
I'm tryna dodge the pain and drama, who the hell needs that?
What's the probability I'll sell these raps?

I ain't concerned with them percentages
Personal preference is to determine my permanent purpose and then react

But now I am aware of what surrounds me
Internal and viceversa
I take care of what's around me
Stereotype my disorder
I swear it's how they found me
In the corner of a dark room with a glare around the boundaries

What I mean is my whole existence is a solar eclipse's
Outer thickness dying to be witnessed
Shining through the distance, trying to be different
My tiny puny mission can be reduced into
The balancing act I have with youth & wisdom

Track Name: Dust Never Settles
[Intro: Bill Blast]
Know when to brandish

[Verse 1: Nom-Mineral]
The dust never settles when the spurs stopped spinnin’
It was a hog-killin’ time for the wise who stopped grinnin’
Never seen before sunset, ‘bout 7 o’clock shadows
Spit habit like camels straw chewin’ amongst the arrows
N bullets never phased the look on his face heavy laden with
The sweat and the pain from ages of tribulation n
Da honest to God wrangler, was not a handler of animals
Rescuin’ damsels without the sex as collateral
He left the town of Deadwood broke bread with the wolf of red hoods
Shot whoever’s first maaaan the chicken or the egg’s good
Knockin’ em out day stirrups haphazardly taggin’ braggart bullies n blowhards n go-hards throwin’ low cards
Never coddled but known to warm 100 bottles of ale
A truce or a smoking nozzle the latter model prevailed
Followed by flocks of crows, vultures
Sendin’ lonestars to bone orchards leavin’ ownerless horses

[Hook: Bill Blast, Nom-Mineral & Korey Costa]
Can't trust a soul in this place we call home
Them back roads is a place you shouldn’t go
We drink heavy when the days pass slow
In a saloon we salute to a stained flagpole
Can't feed a man when the hunger don’t die
Can’t see it comin’ when it comes from both sides
Betta hope you don’t owe any bandits
Keep it dry but they know when to brandish

[Verse 2: Korey Costa]
Once bitten, twice shy
Third time she bit me back
She was a lil frisky cat
Whiskers dipped in whiskey
Asked the missy, "where the pistols at?"
She replied her hips in fact
Dreamy eyes and lips that crack
The hearts of all aristocrats
I asked the time of day and she resigned to say
She had nun, like the Sister Act
"Son, pull that zipper back up"
I told her I'm the baddest whippersnapper in this little tavern
20 minutes after? Practically religious practice
I'm talking worship that the Bible missed a chapter on
Had the jawn wetter than the dang rivers of Babylon
Hang with us, we travel on, gangs hit us with warnings
But we bang quick where the cattle sprawled
And bat em off to battle spawns
She is my jack of all trades when I'm jackin' off
Brains got me harder than imagining a cactus soft
Until some suit-and-tie dude arrived who had it all
Scooped her on the saddle and scadaddled, y'all
But after all..

Track Name: Home
[Intro: Korey Costa]
I'm on my way back
I got caught up in myself

[Verse 1: Nom-Mineral]
“You on ya way home” / My mom would say so
But like modern day Rome it’s holiday Holmes
Can’t shape me like pottery / argue or moderate
Tell me I’m not missin’ part of me pardon me bro

Written in stars / earth sign says go
Stand in place long enough roots I will grow
Capricorn on the cob, sour weed? yo
After storms on the job narrowing zones

To harrowing stress of a malady? cold
Intangible salary calories low
I had to be home, infallibly so
The family circle my patently glow

Eat at my table for charity? sho’
Readin’ my kids books of agony? no
Light up a stogie on the balcony yo-0
Cuz that ballad we wrote fucks me alchemy up-

Or’s it chemistry baby effect is molecular
Clemency? Maybe respect temper’s temperatures
Columbus for some of us, rest of us Festivus
After some company Exodus blessed us

Refrigerator raiders in birthday suits
Defibrillator favors the earth day shoes
Alliterator haters get murked they lose
Let the mercury ooze, work week blues

Choose, Till I’m like “losin my faculties” old / Sorry their youngin’ I’m married n bold / I’m carryin gold for flyin’ the coup in a business suit / Sick of you doubtin’ that I wanna live witchu / Course I wan’ live witchu I want some kids witchu / Was raised traditional biblical won’t leave institution cradled retire n die when I’m finally home

[Hook: Korey Costa]
Everywhere you go now, there's a cold shoulder
And I know I'm off this road once I come back home
Hope I make it home
Feel alone? I'll make it home
Feel alone? I'll make it home
Feel alone
Hope I make it home

[Verse 2: Korey Costa]
This is when Korey hits the feels
This is when Dorothy clicks her heels
Just a little bit of corny, mixed with real stories
Which appeal for me missing
That's real
My goodness gracious
PlayStation marathons with Crash Bandicoot and Cortex
When the fam called me Coors Light or Corvette
Mid-middle class poor White dork head
Used to keep on four lights before bed
But now dark times storm like I forget
How to relax, how cruel is that?
I'll outdo my past self, for sure, bet
Sometimes I compromise morals
Or reminisce in traumatized portal
But I would rather be gone than die normal
Full of self-growth, I botanize floral

My C-O-S-T-A's have been my safe haven
Regardless of the place I'm in
Based in Jersey somewhere near Budd Lake
And since then
My blessings in life have been incred-
-ible, I scribble my ink pen
I swivel and dribble then sink ten
Man I do it from half court
I got nothing to act for
And meanwhile you child you act for
There might a god I should ask more
But I need to see more of this world
Don't even own a passport
But I'm doing alright on this crash course
I fill up the tank, let the gas pour
But when I'm homesick I hope I can slide in a trapdoor

Track Name: Momma Can't Save You Now
[Verse 1: Nom-Mineral]
Fuck it I quit my job, give my family up to a different host / crash my car, n live savagely while I drink wit most / Betray my closest friends I’m sayin’ I’ll hustle trunk spaces / then you would say I’m real in this talkin’ the most junk races? / Love wasted cuz chasin’ I’m preachin’ witta disgust face / and bleedin’ from the heart when ya future sux n u just waitin’ / Thugs wish they wasn’t n husbands fail to communicate / I guess it’s a plus when we all in cuffs n fail to pull the weight

Da rules you make, you’re baked n your fantasy’s real / still it make sense and it's fly, why not have your family killed / Wait limmy get this straight so I can’t relate cuz I aint you? / aint in them shoes man don’t that really mean no one else can relate too? / Don’t it seem that you’re desperate for a need n / to deem n the way you bleed as unique n really it aint you / What about those that rose outta that fuckin’ “real” life? / you’ll snatch the rose out they mouth replace it with a knife? / That they don’t even need anymore, u don’t even read anymore / you stuck in chapter one of ya life thinkin’ you air tight? / You chose the way of the sloth, but ya dreams aint small right? / I know you see my as soft, but you a fuckin’ boss right / Maybe I’ll turn back da clock, family roots were the rot / a crutch for drinkin’ n sniffin’ don’t make you scared right? / You shoulda sat it out sun, you done been ratted out / to be a fraud to yourself cuz yeah you cashin’ out / From a potentially better, life aint just talkin’ bout chedda / you pushin’ product n don’t even know you branded out? / 12 years a stave each missed play a man is out / you struggle fillin’ ya plate yet you figured out? / You got some growin’ to do, don’t we all yeah it’s true / obvious clues of an open mind, so air it out /

Gangsterism’s a plagued system, that counters wisdom / You couldn’t smile hung upside down with a frowning victim / Reflections of missing mirrors hold in high regard / cold blooded killers are useless filler to a higher God

[Hook: Nom-Mineral and Korey Costa]
If it’s real, if it’s real tell me
Cuz I’m real, cuz I’m real feel me
Trains not movin’ claims unproven
We’re not doin’ what you do
Aggravated over validation but you haven’t made it so congratulations
Momma Can't Save You Now, no no no no

[Verse 2: Korey Costa]
I am not the noblest by any means
But I am not the card folder, woe holder from 17
You man cowards
You associate with handout-ers?
Your life is super, think you in the soup and clam chowder?

Circumstantial Anderson Cooper
You could sit and do this for like a damn hour
Or you could stand prouder
It didn't pan out your way, so you flip the script instead of new leafs
What a routine, then wonder why ya man's a doubter?

Don't get me wrong, I've had self-destructive scapegoats
With stained clothes and scars to prove it
But I steered my hardship through it
Far from the truest version of me dog but are you lucid?
Are you acknowledging situations to start improving?

Or is the pain a substantial excuse?
Tangible juice to quench your rancid views
Expressed in the rants you use
To accuse the whole world of planning what it has handed you
Life is NOT a movie, stop pandering to your camera crew

But lemme guess, boy privilege is too white bread?
I don't mean no disrespect but I don't have the picket fence
My parents grind for distant checks, instances of crippling debt
Slipping threads, still never seen either of them pick the bed

The risk of death is inevitable for each of us
You wanna have the cake and eat the crust?
I'm preaching to a choir that is tonedeaf
Arguing with grown men
Everyone got problems
But it's nothing till you own them

Track Name: Exile
[Intro: Nom-Mineral]

[Verse 1: Nom-Mineral]
I'm Lenny I listen to classical music n rap
When I do throw a party Lollapalooza n clap
Hello again Villain world says you’re a boozer
Willin’ to pay hoes when love is confusing

Mind diluted I blame truthers
Soil n soul richer than delta blue’s losers
Predict futures in waves like car poolers
Who stake claims cuz piss’ll dry sooner

Than blood n water, word to unborn daughters
Sooner be a martyr than fall to a par charter
Yeah yeah the tired old rap and his pie hole
But still cant love no pops though like Kylo

Tuckin’ in laymen multiple generations-
Laughin’ at dream chasers like you difference makin’?
Was it 98 n again in 2008 n
States of da statements “patience I’m gonna make it”
No appreciation nothing sacred beats n breaks n
Barely make 28 stark naked
Figure the formula big break to famous
But never make it like glow-in-the-dark rapists

What kinda man’ll choke those in power
The kinda man that won’t go empower
Him or herself n goes home to shower
Cant wash the stupid off face is cold sour

You aint a coward I get it you stand prouder
Powder up baby the mirrored hell’s louder
Wowzers, faith is born in a sworn doubter
Torn between life and death in the mourned hours

You should see what u look like from da outside
Rat race for the pop pride angry mob ties
Sound mind for long climbs reachin’ the summit to swan dive
Die hard fall fast like when Hans dies
Slave to the quantized, your bane to a moth’s eye
Same when you all cry, the paint on the wall dries
Aint for the pawn sized jawns this for the tall prize
Beef aint ever worth it with small fries

[Hook: Korey Costa & Nom-Mineral]
Leave before they find you watchin'
Take the backroads if you can
Breathe in more days, find new options
Things don't always go as planned

Yo, whose man's is this? (Who brought this fool?)
Who he ridin' with? (Yo, what he offer you?)

You got a lotta nerve lettin' ya jaw ride
Gettin' ya hogtied
Sendin' a message to ya peasants direct to the exit

[Verse 2: Korey Costa]
These days I meet lots of rappers
They want collabs, I just want a check
That sound shallow or influenced?
Well, this me at my most honest yet

I hit stage, I spit flames, I take daps, maybe pictures too
But these headliners all old timers, got no time, I got shit to do
But lemme
lemme explain those last few bars
'Fore I act too hard
Lemme stay ready
Sleep with one eye open, hey Feddy
Used to sleep around now I stay steady

Got one girl, and that's long distance
This local action something wrong with it
If these little fucks are tryna call me out
Somebody better tell them they got the wrong digits

Y'all listen to Thugga Thugga
Run up
What up?
Catch a motherfuckin' body and bounce
Cool, lemme rob me the sound
I do this better, should be obvious now

Should be
I should be less cocky and loud
My head is crazy like the sloppiest mouth
Think sesame like a monster
I need everything, don't go taking my poppy seeds out
I mean
You thinking of bagels? Maybe
Distracted as I make your bae go crazy
Ain't no radio sane enough to play me
Ain't no grave brave enough to lay me down to sleep,
How is he
I mean how is he still alive?
He's been killin' the game, you just killin' time


You've been to Portland
Get off to Florida
What's up New Orleans?
Track Name: Flames Bond
[Verse 1: Korey Costa]
Summary of my day?
Stumbling down a staircase
Privileged stubborn suburb boy
Running around with spare charge
Playtime is finished, fuckin around's over
I'm disassociating with stuck-on-the-couch stoners

I give the world my heart, adjust to this proud donor
Justice for making fun of him now that you suckin' up to him
Underground like a gopher, duckin; out at the function
Runnin' out of excuses and dudes that I really fuck wit

Moms is a left extremist, pops a defensive genius
And me I got the luxury of being reluctantly stuck between it
I mean..
Nothing, nevermind, anyway, back to ya regular schedule
get you a Red Bull

The regimen is not recommendable, but let it commence
Borderline personality, course ya hide on the fence
Porcupine in the trench, the thorn in ya side again
Reinforce the size of the bench, the warmer side has been quenched

So, since ya mentioned rigged tension
Kid I guess ya did ya best to rid ya 'rents of stress
and bridge the trench of intervention
So my reply is cancelled
I'mma chill with the preaching, let me lead by example

[Verse 2: Nom-Mineral]
Fandom’s antonym, sheltered expansion
Flow rates like mass transit enhanced by this danced tandem
Hands banded slammin’ fan panhandlers
Bandwagon ham it up meet the rap’s Kam Chancellor

Dance to the tropics, befriend bird Snuffleupagus
Sandy metropolis rocks hot when I hit the pocket
You said you rocked it, nah that’s an odd compliment
You went the pop option sold to a lost continent

General populace forever substandard
Never follow me unsubscribe those from my bum manners
Wear transparent lantern as a lanyard at the expo
I’m on trials like expos, 90s retro

Peace to the pitch perfect and relatives that’re worth it
And any wordsmith that’s worth the dirt that they inverted
Subterranean solos / coins in guitar cases
Sicker than loins in misdiagnosed SARS cases
There aint no last go at it, aint no
Turnin’ things around like Han Solo thought of his bastard
It aint love of a dream if it’s below average
It is drugs and obscene if it closes caskets
Yeah it’s sadness, but the truth can be lavish
Instead of brash habits fuels wars on the fast classes
Nobody’s money for wantin’ to study hard
Aint nobody smart with the dummy jobs aint that funny God
Gifts that are split into half witted commitments
Bringin’ solid to liquid form imagination to figments
The Lord taketh, the Lord giveth, Suicide prescriptions for dim witteds with a free trial of Give-a-Shit
Track Name: Own Leeway
[Intro: Nom-Mineral]
Where ya goin huh? With all that fuck flow
What is this an assembly? I don’t discriminate gender or sexes. Dafuq kinda public speaking is this? Life insurance meetings? Puffy chested victims

[Hook: Nom-Mineral and (Korey Costa)]
You need help! (Well you can help yourself, bitch)
You need help! (Well you can help yourself bitch
Oh you need help! (Well you can help yourself, bitch)
You need help! Oh! You losin’ battles bitch?

On the ground I can’t help myself
I know the only way

[Verse 1: Korey Costa]
She said,
"I hope you get the help you need"
Find out how the hell you breathe
After you found yourself through me

If she say hi
Most times, she stray high and dry
Rely on replayed time
Sweet day was the first one when we laid eyes

Just the thought that gets me off
Until the stress resolves
Ya catch me yawning
Even if I’m neck deep, sprawled
In sexy broads
My cataplexy’s caustic
We neck and neck, we ostrich
That cream like Red and Meth
And Inspectah Deck
When i resurrect the option

We all the way up, I'll step the octave
We all the way up, you best be conscious
Only kinda wanna dye, like an ombre bleach job
What if i never make it like Andre’s Detox?
Positive thinker point out the Compton restock
Cops say freeze, but will Congress freeze cops?
God let it please stop, kneel to the topics
Devil is a lie
But it always feel real when I vomit

You can help yourself, bitch

On the ground I can't help myself
I know the only way

[Verse 2: Nom-Mineral)
Never did I think I would get committed
Clever how I thought I could step n quit it
But I didn’t, went n bought a ring n
Attention bringin’ life’s not a business

Kiss, kiss, bye, fly at a 9 to 5
Told me to never lie, even if I’mma slide
Asked you to bash the demon I had inside
Why? You need a reason why

Never in season believe he will die
See it through my eyes n see it’s the key to my
Heartbeart, start remarks bar my car keys
Marquis play of the game, who’s the smart fiend

Stay home with the jones n bones
Say Holmes where the blow n bones?
Say no when the phone is blown
Hold, my own cardio’s more than prone

Not alone but a lonely road
Not alone but a lonely road
‘nother episode we cold we own
‘nother episode we cold we own
Moral code change / story’s low
Moral code change / story’s low
High’s up to us / grow old hero
High’s up to us / grow old hero

Track Name: Fox
[Hook: Korey Costa and Nom-Mineral]
I'll stay aware of all your schemes
And I'll stay awake through all your dreamin'
Don't turn away from me
Cuz I ain't done with you
Done with you

[Verse 1: Nom-Mineral]
Everybody want heaven but nobody want dead huh
Catch a body never say sorry no daily bread wuh?
How much longer we livin’ somber i get to guess
But the collar is grippin’ stronger closer to death
But you cant bring two guests you go dolo roll with two less
Roll with toros who see red matadoro losin’ his head
Cuz you photo n tangle switch which angle is best
Wave save the album then baby you aint savin’ the nest

Streets know best? the Real G put air in ya chest
Little ones follow model Idol's that cant host Lyin Seacrest
Friends fresh n the sesh they rest in peaces with sequins
Stay in tune f.o.m.o. catchin’ dem waves till the sea quits
No pretense just breathin’ heathen thoughts on the weekend
Heedin’ those screens n speakers but screenin for eager preachers
Steerin clear of the truth seekin’ geek n eekin’ with bleeders
Audobahn's auto-runnin’ ya clock without the meters


[Verse 2: Korey Costa]
I'm a dozen short breaths of an honest attempt
I get a lot of respect for being an honorable mention
But I don't want the attention of being moderate best
Chances are, my own head is my most prominent threat
Uh, bettin' large on this lil deck of cards of decadence won't getcha far
Na son, I ain't talkin Escobar
No congratulations for moi, more like a best regards
In all future endeavors
I never pulled the desperate card
But Audobahn was all for Nom, without it I'd be lost and gone
Luckily I got a mans to say what up and call upon, "Yo"
The fourth wall shatters into fragments
That'll scatter through the atmosphere and go completely batshit
I wrote this in the parking lot of the bagel shop
Thinkin' bout the nights with the mystery of the fabled fox
Once upon a time's followed by the three fatal dots
I get it now, it's all fun and games until the dreidel drops

[Bridge: Nom-Mineral]