And With No Pain

by Korey Costa

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you'll only grow strong.


released February 14, 2015

all tracks produced and mixed by Korey Costa in Grapevine Studios
additional vocals/instrumentation recorded elsewhere

thanks to:
Kelsey Christensen: album artwork, illustration @kelseyarts

Nom-Mineral: additional vocals

Marissa Morales: additional vocals, instrumentation

my beautiful parents, my friends, my lost lovers and abandoned ships.



all rights reserved


Korey Costa New Jersey


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Track Name: Lived Legna
devil or angel, I can't make up my mind
and I cannot change you, so a deep part of me has died
and you, you know, how to please yourself
my love, you know, how to kneel to yourself
but I cannot be sure, so I may never learn
I like the flames, I like the way your lips can make me burn
so set me on fire
in the moonlight
I promise I won't retreat
possess me, undress me
and leave my soul dead in the street
my darling ooo

la di da di da

devil or angel, I can't make up my mind

angel or devil, are you listening to me?
because you have a boyfriend, and my discipline is weak
I hope the girls who chase me can forgive me for leading them on
I'm too busy living a fairy tale life and I will, until you're all gone
but I cannot be sure, so I may never be taught
the nicest way, to say goodbye and I hope one day you rot
so set me on fire
in the daylight
I know my perversions are sick
neglect me, reject me
it's the only way that I can live
my darling ooo

la di da di da

devil or angel, I can't make up my mind

I was an angel
my innocence was so pure back then
you were my devil
who showed me so much more
you twist and turn in ways
that only movie stars compare
you shift and swerve so fast
it makes me question if you care

now we're both on fire
and I love you, and I'll always be your boy
sometimes at night I hear your screams
it makes me paranoid
my darling oh

la di da di da

devil or angel, I can't make up my mind
Track Name: Long Grass (ft. Nom-Mineral)
sitting in the long grass
never recognized
that we were living in the wrong grass
cup was half empty
but we were sipping from a tall glass
filling in the small cracks
until they got too big
and began spilling in the long grass
she were killing her spirit
I was killing every song track
borrowing her heart strings
and arguing in all caps
pupils stopped sparkling
the marble and the granite
turned to sheet rock, 7 months wondering if she'll call back
I swear, now she's just a pigeon in the city
where they ball crack and stuff it in the middle of their ballsack
thrown out of the ballpit of innocence to crawl back
longing for the past, simply wishing we would cross paths
sick em dog, i'm licking my paws, counting small cash
kitten whiskers all black, primitive and all that
isn't it the strong that'll pivot through the brawl?
throw my image on the wall, in your prison made of long grassssssssssssssssss
Track Name: And With No Pain
I've never been the greatest communicator and such
rejuvenated my clutch on the few relationships I trust in
frustratingly shuffling decks, shrugging suggestions off
like shoo fly, attention all, who comply and cruise by
avoiding suicide, but I hope that I'm gone by the time that you die

I'm sorry, for dwellin on the, passionate melodrama
just goes to show who truly cared the world threw hell upon us
of course I remember the severed promises, and the bond but
you woulda made one hell of a costa, someday in years beyond us
I fear the gods that I reject, I disappear and hear em like:

“in times of hardship, you need to find your heart and
realign your mind with the harvest in which we reply
so redefine your part in this
life, believe in time you'll harness
the energy to create new entire dimensions inside your carcass
to shine in the darkest sky with the stars, and let you ride the farthest”

besides the narcissist claims, spiraling arguments
inspired a restraining order threat in lieu of a parting gift
marvelous, you labeled me a zombie in the march but I
would rather be proudly marching for something I believe in
than walking in the opposite direction for no reason

settle down young boy
and with no pain
you can't please everyone
and with no pain
you'll only grow strong

and when I told you I would find a way to live
I preyed that you would never ask me how
as if I had any clue, but I guess I never do
I forget what you smell like, taste like, so have a great life

and good riddance, no bitterness, put it this way
I couldn't fit in as a cushion for you to push pins in
I look thin in the pictures we took
isn't it ironic?
you only start to cry after the book's finished
why do we only start to cry after the book's finished?

ah, take a tour of a mind
i'm back and i'm forth, the unfortunate climb
I think that it works and then I watch it crumble
besides, I just have to force it this time
poor kid if I, have to hear him again
living in horror, I'll torture him
I finally get it, the form of ignoring
and how it can be a new cure of some kind
so I forgive everything you ever did
it took me too long, too many nights of
debating if destiny likes us
and losing my mind like I might just
show up at your door at the height of
my depression, I saw what a knife does
it's sad but I saw what a knife does
please do not cry when you hear this
my people, my brothers, we're fearless
my people, my sisters, we're weird
we're way out of gear
but we're close to our spirits

settle down young boy
and with no pain
you can't please everyone
and with no pain
you'll only grow strong